Is Benzoyl Peroxide the Best Treatment for Acne?

Benzoyl peroxide is a main ingredient in countless skincare products bought at stores and pharmacies. It is also commonly prescribed by dermatologist when you go for a consultation and ask for prescriptions. It has been proven to be an effective medicine for acne treatment and has been used for decades already. Until now it is still popular for its successful results. Benzoyl peroxide is usually best for those who suffer mild or moderate acne. When you go to a dermatologist it would be initial choice of prescription. Unlike other medicines it is cheaper too.

So what is in benzoyl peroxide that makes in an effective remedy for acne? How does it work magic on your skin? Is it really the best acne treatment? There are a lot of triggering factors of acne but the two major culprit of it are excessive oil and bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide present oxygen to your pores. You should know that the bacteria called P. acnes or Propionibacteria acnes is the one that causes breakouts on your skin. They multiply in number especially in the trapped sebum of your pores. Bacteria basically cannot survive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. This means that the lesser bacteria inhibiting on your pores, the lesser is the chance of acne breakouts.

Another major help benzoyl peroxide could give is that it helps in removing dead skin cells. This lessens the chance of pore clogging. When your pores are clogged, sebum is trapped. Thus, the breeding of bacteria on your skin increases in speed.

The treatment using benzoyl peroxide is usually done in a long term basis. This keeps the bacteria from increasing and keeps your pores clean.

If you plan on using this treatment without going to a dermatologist, you can always buy over-the-counter- products. They are abundant in pharmacies and other stores that sells skincare products. It is advisable to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase it if you cannot see results after a few weeks. Select a product that has benzoyl peroxide with a 2.5 percent strength. Remember to clean your face first before application. Wash it thoroughly and pat dry. Benzoyl peroxide cannot be used as a spot treatment since it may cause uneven skin tone. It should be applied thinly and evenly. Also, avoid using dark colored towels and shirts to avoid bleaching. You can do this once or twice a day.

There are rare cases of severe side effects but for those who haven’t tried using any topical medications on the skin, it might cause redness and a stinging sensation. It causes flaking and dryness too so using a moisturizer is necessary. If you can’t tolerate the burning on your skin, you may opt on applying in once daily or every other day.


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